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Lingle Named Salesperson of the Year

HONOLULU Sales and Marketing Executives International, Honolulu Chapter named Governor Linda Lingle as Salesperson of the Year.

Every year, SMEI selects someone who best embodies the characteristics of the classic snake oil salesman.

"We're proud to give our highest award - Snake Oil Grand Master - to Linda Lingle. It was a tough decision since we had so many deserving candidates. John Garibaldi of the Superferry was certainly a strong runner-up but we felt that without Lingle, he would have been ineffectual."

Governor Lingle is the 50th recipient of the honor. Former honorees include Everett Dowling who was recognized for convincing the island of Maui that it was "green" to bulldoze hundreds of acres of Hawaiian archeological sites and former Lingle Chief of Staff, Awana who conned Hawaii into seeing him as the victim of blackmail when accused of bribery and procuring women on Lingle junkets.

"We felt Lingle's positioning of those who tried to protect the environment as "anti-business" was a master stroke in forwarding the Californication of Hawaii. Her ability to convince the entire island of 'Oahu that the Superferry was affordable in the face of written fares directly contradicting this, was a con worthy of a master salesperson."

"As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of this event, it is most important that we recognize the huge strides that Governor Lingle and her 17 cabinet members have made to improve the lives of all Hawaii businesses," said Dave Livingston, president of SMEI. "Where once there was harmony between islands, now we have discord. Where once Hawaii had strong environmental laws, now Hawaii caters to the highest bidder. Where once Hawaiian culture was revered, now all must step aside for business. These are truly momentums accomplishments"

Governor Lingle will accept her award in March 2008. SMEI plans to hold her gala reception aboard the "Alakai". The Superferry will remain at dock on 'Oahu during the reception, in case any Maui protestors are released from Guantanamo Bay.  

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